Private pesticide licenses allow you to buy restricted use pesticides and to train workers under the worker protection standards act.

To get a private Pesticide license you will be required to take a test and then pay a fee. The tests are not administered in Cabarrus County.

Private pesticide applicators are required to take 2 hours of X training and 2 hours of V training every 3 years. X recertification training opportunities are held each year. You will not be notified of all training opportunities. It is your responsibility to find them. You may take them anytime during the 3 years period. There are two V training opportunities held in Cabarrus County each year during January or February. In late December a letter is sent to the address on record with the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services with information about the two classes. If you miss those two classes, you may take V training anywhere in the state.

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